Team Houston Olympic Weight Lifting

Use Your Training Space Wisely

trainingspaceTraining space can be a problem for Olympic lifters in many of the gyms across the United States.  For garage clubs like Team Houston of USA Weightlifting in Houston, Texas the space available is used as a functional training facility for the 30 young athletes that train there.

My Experience at the St. Petersburg OTC

Mike's Gym NewsletterRecently I traveled to St. Petersburg, Russia to see the city and to visit the school for “Heavy Athletics" – better known as the St. Petersburg Olympic Training Center.  This training facility is located in a suburb of St. Petersburg called Pavlovsk.


Olympic Weightlifting Simplified Training

There is no absolute scientific basis for the statements presented in this article. It is only an accumulation of ideas we are sharing with you, and is based on years of knowledge attained by gut-wrenching personal training, success and failure in competitive Olympic Weightlifting, reading updated training principles and physiology, and general observation over the years of lifters performing and not performing on the platform and in training gyms.


Olympic Weightlifting and the Young Athlete

Many years ago I got a phone call from a lady who asked about weightlifting. She said she had an 8-year-old son who wasn’t in very good shape and that she was concerned about his overall health and self esteem.